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Support and expert advice for HMRC tax enquiry.

  • HMRC IR35 enquiries.

  • Partnerships and Directors enquiries.

  • HMRC VAT disputes.

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You can trust ATF Accountancy in the event of tax investigation

Every taxpayer and organisation are subject to being randomly selected for a tax investigation at any moment. Tax is a small word yet has major implications. ATF Accountancy strives to provide you with the finest tax guidance and strategies. Individual and corporate HMRC compliance investigations are rising. Even if you have done nothing wrong, a tax inquiry might be expensive.


Why does HMRC carry tax investigations ?

HMRC investigates the tax liabilities of an increasing number of people and corporations annually throughout the UK. Moreover, HMRC is entitled to initiate a tax investigation at any moment, regardless of the size of your business.

HMRC does not need a particular reason to initiate a tax investigation; consequently, anybody who files a tax return is susceptible to this demanding, unpleasant, and ultimately costly experience. For many, the mere thought of an HMRC investigation might be intimidating. HMRC has intensified its emphasis on individuals and small enterprises. As a result of their conducting a large number of random tax investigations, a large number of innocent taxpayers are getting caught.

HMRC has the authority to investigate company records and assets on-site. They may request records and information, conduct unannounced inspections, and probe matters stretching back up to twenty years. To safeguard our clients, ATF Accountancy offers the chance to enrol in our HMRC Investigation Service, backed by a comprehensive insurance policy. When you sign up for our service, we file a claim on our insurance coverage with Professional Fee Protection for the costs of our expenses if you undergo an investigation.


What do i have to do during tax investigation?

Simply because HMRC requests information, you may not have to panic and share all the books. Your tax accountant can best guide you in this case. Statutory and non-statutory information are the two categories into which these documents typically fall.

Statutory information is that which you are obligated by law to supply and which HMRC may legitimately request. Non-statutory information is information that you are not required by law to disclose but that HMRC could find interesting. You are not obligated to provide this information.

However, you’ll need as much material on hand as you can to support your claims. This frequently includes information about revenue and expenses, such as bank account statements and invoices for purchases and sales.

It goes without saying that your viewpoint will be stronger the more knowledge you have. You or your advisor will be immensely helped in successfully defending against an investigation if you have access to comprehensive and reliable information.


Why choose ATF Accountancy to help regarding any tax investigations?

Using the information stored inside its systems, HMRC is becoming increasingly adept in its approaches to tax collection. Hence, this allows HMRC to pick individuals for investigation with greater precision.

Moreover, do not underestimate the effect of stress and worry brought after you or your company undergoes investigation. Our HMRC Investigation Service guarantees that you always have a knowledgeable specialist on your side at no extra cost.

  • After signing, you will engage with a dependable and well-known person acquainted with your affairs rather than a random accountant who could make you pick a different plan.
  • Our services will pay for all professional costs associated with any HMRC inquiry, PAYE, NIC, or VAT issues.
  • Further, you’ll feel more at ease, and the tension that an inquiry might bring will be reduced.
  • Moreover, this adds much to outstanding value for dollars at a surprisingly low price.

For further information, contact our experts and address your concerns.


Attila has been a brilliant guide and aid to me and my business, he has been incredibly helpful and patient with me and guides me through the process with ease. His expertise and friendliness has been invaluable. I can highly recommend ATF Accountancy!
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