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Your Trusted Capital Gains Tax Experts

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Your Trusted Capital Gains Tax Experts

Our qualified capital gains tax consultants offer end-to-end capital gains services. We discuss your tax issues and assist you in organising your holdings in the most tax-efficient way.

Understanding Capital Gain Tax

Capital Gains Tax is the tax on the profit realised from selling non-inventory qualified assets. CGT applies to selling bonds, equities, properties, property investments, and precious metals. You may be required to pay taxes on any profits. The amount of taxes owed will vary based upon the type of asset, the length of time it was owned, how it was used, etc. Remember that the tax applies only to “capital gains” instead of the funds received. Whether a sale is taxable relies on whether the asset’s valuation has improved.

ATF Accountancy will handle the filing and payment of the capital gains tax. We will save you from errors, unexpected additional payments, or underpayments and will be at your side each step of the journey.


Who Is Liable To Pay Capital Gains Tax?

A person, trust, or organisation is responsible for paying CTG whenever they sell, transfer, or give a physical or intangible property or asset to another entity.


Our Capital Gain Tax Services

Our comprehensive range of tax services includes the following:


Capital Gains Guidance For Individuals

We often guide clients with their Capital Gains Tax obligations. This may result from the transfer of personal property, the selling of stocks, or the transfer of a second property, whether a buy-to-let property or the person becomes an accidental landlord because of their marriage or inheritance.

In each of these situations, we can provide professional guidance on a person’s most tax-efficient strategy. So, it can help reduce their tax burden.


Capital Gains Guidance For Businesses

Our accountants can advise corporations and stockholders on their potential Capital Gains Tax liabilities. Capital Gains Tax may be levied if a profit is realised through selling all or part of a company or business assets. Examples include:

  • Land and structures
  • Accessories and fittings
  • Machinery and equipment Shares
  • Registered trademarks
  • Disposing of/selling a company’s goodwill


Capital Gain Tax Guidance For Property Investors & Landlords

We offer numerous landlords and property investors specialised tax and accounting guidance. For instance, we provide consulting on the Capital Gains Tax elements of transferring or selling properties and organising your business in the most tax-efficient manner. There are several factors to consider as a landlord or investor to reduce your tax liability and boost your profitability. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you through complicated regulations.


Complete assistance

Our CGT service comprises the planning of your disposal, the evaluation of your alternatives, and the submission of your CGT return. Moreover, staying prepared to buy or sell assets can yield significant tax savings.

Regardless of the complexity of your tax return, our skilled tax advisor will walk you through all of it step-by-step.


Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate

Several landlords and property investors do not know how to efficiently offset capital gains tax. Thus, it results in tax payments far higher than they should be. Also, our skilled tax experts can guide how to plan such sales to limit capital gains tax obligations.


Advice from competent specialists

The capital gains tax (CGT) is a complicated area. This typically refers to any taxable profits realised from selling high-value assets such as real estate or stocks. We have years of expertise assisting customers with CGT, ensuring that you maximise any possible tax reliefs and manage your sale to prevent extra penalties and reduce your tax payment.


How Can ATFTAX Help You?

We have designed our premium service to help you, the taxpayer, prepare, submit, and file your capital gain tax returns. No matter the intricacy of your CGT problem, our certified accounting team has you covered. Individuals may reduce, postpone, or even prevent capital gains tax payments with proper planning and guidance on capital gains tax and property investment. For instance, this can happen with an assurance that capital assets transfer in a manner that maximises their yearly personal CGT allowance.

Our team of qualified and professional capital gains tax consultants will work directly with you to guide capital gains tax and real estate, maximise all possible reliefs, and prepare for future liabilities.


They doing my VAT return and also my self assesment.Can not recommend them enough times as they are very knowledgeable and helpful with everything.If I do not understand something they explain me so well.Thank you!!!
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