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Making Company Formation Easy For Our Clients

Is incorporation the appropriate company structure? If you seek expert advice, then ATF Accountancy can help you. We can help you decide whether you should incorporate your firm or not and facilitate the incorporation procedure. Additionally, we assist with restructuring incorporated businesses across the United Kingdom so that these businesses may achieve the most tax benefits. You can read our article and find out what are the advantages of incorporating your business.

Are You Ready To Set up Your Business?

Whether you’re an existing company owner (operating as a Sole Trader) wishing to incorporate or perhaps a new entrepreneur starting a Limited Company, we guarantee that your Company Formation gets off to the best possible start.

We will recommend selecting the appropriate company structure to determine the ownership of your business, i.e., the number of shareholders and the number of shares each will possess (shareholding). Further, we will handle all the legalities of your business at each stage of your company formation. So, get in touch with us, and we will help you with the company formation process.


ATF Accountancy Firm For Company Formation

ATF Accountancy has been assisting customers with business incorporation and company formation. Our experience and expertise enable us to deliver the finest incorporation services to customers around the UK. ATF Accountancy is your ideal partner if you want to establish your business. Also, we can help in reorganizing your already-incorporated firm to maximize your tax advantages. In addition, we have experts for small businesses that have a comprehensive awareness of the rules and trends surrounding company registration and incorporation.

We are available whenever you want company formation services or anything relating to small business accountancy services in the United Kingdom. Moreover, we can assist with:

  • Get the best guidance on whether your company should be incorporated
  • Guide you through the incorporation procedure for your firm.
  • Annually prepare and submit required papers, including financial and confirmation statements.
  • Restructure your corporation so you may receive the most tax advantages.
  • Ensure you get money in the most tax-efficient manner and pay the least amount of income or Corporate Tax possible.


Why ATF Accountancy?

Creating a business in a foreign country is never straightforward. From one country to the next, and occasionally between cities and provinces, there are significant differences in obligations, processes, deadlines, languages, and expenses.

ATF Accountancy is the foremost authority on cross-border company formation and provides accountancy services to assist with business creation internationally. Our all-inclusive services are offered by knowledgeable teams of regional specialists, giving you access to more than 80 jurisdictions globally.

We are your local incorporation experts, constructing new businesses in complete compliance with regional laws, rules, and official timelines, wherever you need to trade or invest.

We are native speakers and part of the community; we are unaffected by regional practices or ways of doing business. Moreover, we can make sure that our client’s every move is a confident one, even in countries that still demand the in-person submission of handwritten papers.

We offer specialized fund administration and securitization services for private equity clients. We support the management of holding corporations for real estate structures. Additionally, we provide a fully integrated, multi-jurisdictional management solution for worldwide property portfolios.

Along with business formation fees and regulations regarding the basic establishment and incorporation of a company, local legal accounting frameworks that control corporate liquidation and dissolution are likewise many and diverse. We assist clients in adopting the strategy that is appropriate for the region. We do this either by offering our own knowledge and skills or, if necessary, in accordance with local law, by introducing specialized providers.


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