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Get Professionally Prepared And Reviewed Statutory Accounts For Your Company

All firms listed with Companies House in the United Kingdom should prepare and submit yearly statutory accounts. There is a mandatory reporting format and rigorous standards to follow, which might be challenging to interpret independently. ATF Accountancy will prepare, review, and file your annual returns, confirming that your year-end financial statements conform with Companies House regulations.

Understanding Statutory Accounts

Statutory Accounts, often referred to as “Annual Accounts” or “Year-end Accounts,” must be submitted to Companies House within nine months after the conclusion of a company’s fiscal year. Alternatively, the statements of small businesses are far quicker to produce than those of their bigger counterparts.

Statutory Accounts produced for Limited Companies in the United Kingdom must adhere to UK GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice) or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). So, the Statutory Accounts include:

  • Profit & loss (P&L) account
  • Balance sheet
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Directors report
  • Auditors report


The Importance Of Statutory Accounts

ATF Accountancy believes that statutory accounts are required to maintain compliance with Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs. Thus, these can deliver significantly more to the management and owners. The accounts reflect the company’s performance and operations throughout the time to which they relate. Also, the companies can use these accounts to make plans since there is much to learn from the prior performance. Further, they may highlight areas where cost cutting is essential, making them a valuable tool for company decision-making. So, our goal is to constantly leverage these accounts to support the sound strategic guidance we offer our entrepreneurial clients. In addition, we ensure they realize their long-term objectives.


ATF Accountancy’s Statutory Accounts Services

We manage corporate accounts for businesses of all sizes and in various sectors. The volume of accounting data necessary for your tax return is determined by the size of your firm. This is measured by its yearly revenue, balance sheet total, and the number of workers.

Depending on your organization’s size categorization, requirements vary:

  • Micro-entity accounts
  • Small company accounts
  • Medium-sized company accounts
  • Large company accounts
  • Dormant company accounts

The experts at ATF Accountancy have years of expertise and knowledge in statutory accounts, statutory auditing, and other company accounting obligations, irrespective of the size or nature of your business.


Extending Comprehensive Services

Our statutory accounting services extend beyond just completing the necessary paperwork. Using your company’s financial data for the entire year (balance sheet, profit and loss account, etc.), we compile the statutory accounts and send your yearly accounts and tax filings to Companies House and HMRC on the deadline. Also, we are here to guarantee that you have accurate and pertinent knowledge on all parts of taxation that may impact your company.

As we get more familiar with your firm, we will watch for any applicable legislative changes. Likewise, we ensure that they are represented in your yearly accounts and tax return.


Let The Experts At ATF Accountancy Help You

We can determine what details your business must provide to HMRC and Companies House. Further, we can help you gather all the necessary information. Moreover, we can lead you through the filing procedure and support you in resolving any errors. Collaborating with us also offers you access to a plethora of expert advice. So, you can benefit from the improvement of your financial reporting. Our clients rely on us year after year to manage their business accounts and tax filings. Certainly, we always keep their trust.


Attila has been a brilliant guide and aid to me and my business, he has been incredibly helpful and patient with me and guides me through the process with ease. His expertise and friendliness has been invaluable. I can highly recommend ATF Accountancy!
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