DEXT software: What you need to know

For business accounts and financial tracking, DEXT is a tool that supports the fast capture and storage of important financial documents like receipts and invoices. This allow records to be held safely and securely for easy retrieval later on. Apart from the obvious technical advantages, DEXT allows users to save time by removing the need for manual entry, and the best part is, all ATF clients get a license completely free!

How does DEXT work?

DEXT makes data capture a breeze for business owners and uses secure cloud storage to keep an electronic record of all documents. No need to make back ups and no risk of  losing information due to computer crashes. DEXT uses advanced character recognition to identity and capture data, keeping everything up to date and in real time. 

The software can be used anywhere and at any time to record information by way of a handy mobile app. Data may be downloaded to a computer at a later time, or stored safely in the cloud until needed. Browser access means that there is no software to install on a PC or laptop and as long as there is an internet connection, DEXT is available to be accessed any time.

What does DEXT cost?

DEXT pricing is affordable for accounting firms and business users and there are three different plans can be paid on an annual or monthly basis with the latter costing slightly more. Prices are based on the number of users or clients  needed and the quantity of document storage required each month.. 

For a small to medium business plans are priced as follows :

  • £22 per month (5 users/300 docs)
  • £44 per month (20 users/3000 docs)
  • £65 per month (30 users/4000 docs)

For accounting or bookkeeping businesses the plans are:

  • £159 per month (10 clients)
  • £215 per month (20 clients)
  • £325 per months (Unlimited clients)

The tax ready software offers comprehensive user support and live chat to answer any questions. 

How to capture and store documents

To keep the capture and tracking of documents as easy as possible DEXT has provided a convenient mobile app for both iOS and Android phones. Information is easily recorded with just the press of a button, similar to taking a photo on your phone. Digital receipts and documents are saved by being forwarded to a specially provided DEXT email address. For invoices and order receipts from suppliers, DEXT Prepare links to accounts and documents can be set to automatically download with Fetch to retrieve information. 

How to add a bank feed

Connecting DEXT to business bank accounts is a relatively simple operation, but it must be completed from a PC or laptop. This functionality cannot be added using a mobile phone or handheld device. From the DEXT dashboard, select ‘Connections’ > ‘Bank’ to set up a completely secure connection. Follow the screen prompts, choose a bank from the list and supply your account details. A QR code will need to scanned from your phone and provides an extra layer of security verification. Bank connects will expire after a period of 90 days and will need to be reverified using the same process. 

Final words

For business and accounting users DEXT is a versatile and fully secure accounting software that helps streamline the capture and storage of financial data, save time, and retrieve information quickly and safely. It helps businesses and financial organisations to maintain compliance for things like MTD and makes it easy for paperwork to be collected and submitted digitally. Data collected from multiple sources may easily be shared with popular accounting software packages to simplify processes like reconciliation and improve record accuracy.

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