Accounting For Start-ups

Specialists Accounting and Tax Professionals for Start-ups

  • Understand the ins and outs of your start-up's finances.

  • Manage tax, VAT, dividend and salary planning.

  • Give you great advice whenever you need it.

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accounting for startups

Specialists Accounting and Tax Professionals for Start-ups

In addition to providing expanded services beyond accounting and tax returns, we are a full-finance stack solution provider. Obtain the latest, actionable insights on finances and keep a high level of tax efficiency.

We Work Alongside your Start-up Business

ATFTAX provides you with access to solutions that simplify all the tax and accounting processes by taking care of tiresome duties. Our experts will also take care of all your bookkeeping and accounting requirements. These comprise year-end financial statements, Corporation Tax returns, and VAT returns. Furthermore, we’ll ensure you pay the least tax and follow all tax regulations.

We have a fast turnaround time. Furthermore, our team understands your startup vision, business structure and everything to suggest the best tax-saving strategies. We offer complete turnkey packages related to accounting and tax services to assist you in making important business decisions. The specialised services offered by ATFTAX enable startup CEOs to make decisions confidently that will help their businesses flourish over the long term. We begin by learning more about your business’s mission, objectives, background, and experience. To incorporate your business profitably, we also go over numerous tax efficiency alternatives and procedures and their benefits and drawbacks.


Unlimited Expert Advice on Tax and Accounting

Your startup’s growth can be accelerated by investing in the appropriate accounting and tax services. As your firm expands, managing accounts, finances, and taxes may become more difficult. You will benefit when an experienced accounting business like ATFTAX manages your finances. Starting businesses can receive cost-effective, high-quality accounting services by hiring our qualified accountants. We can also assist with tax management so that you pay less tax while fully complying with the tax laws.

Professionals at start-up companies frequently wear several hats. Although such flexibility is necessary, without focused help, it can be simple for tax accounting duties and financial obligations to slip between the cracks. ATFTAX works closely with you to comprehend all of your tax liabilities. Since we are familiar with how HMRC operates, we endeavour to ensure that your start-up is completely compliant.


One Stop Solution Provider for all Accounting and Taxation Services

ATFTAX works with the motto to maximise profits by reducing your tax payable. We have a wide plethora of services like self-assessment tax returns, bookkeeping, and VAT returns. Furthermore, we also offer Payroll & Auto Enrolment & CIS and company secretarial services.

What makes us the right choice?

Your start-up can benefit greatly from hiring experienced start-up accountants from ATFTAX to increase growth and promote profitability. When you hire our start-up accountants, you will get a trustworthy resource for your business which will improve your bookkeeping and help you avoid problems. As a result, you may devote more of your valuable time to working on your main operations. All of our products and services are totally compliant. Additionally, we optimise all of your taxes by performing pertinent tax planning. Our staff better understands the complexity of the start-up market. As a result, we are able to recommend the best options.


I used ATF as it was my first time as self employed and had no idea what I was doing, Attila was really helpful and listened and guided me though the whole process. He was always very humble and down to earth and always answered my questions. I highly recommend this place, you would be in good hands.
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