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Expert Capital Gains Accountancy Services for Small Businesses and Start-ups

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accounting for small businesses

Expert Capital Gains Accountancy Services for Small Businesses and Start-ups

ATF Accountancy is ready to support the expansion and success of your company. While maximising your personal tax affairs, we proactively advise our clients on the tax ramifications of launching and growing ambitious businesses.

Hybrid Support for Complex Activities

ATFTAX offers entrepreneurial clients robust support with frequently complex needs for their personal and commercial activities – hybrid and customised tax support.

We offer tax assistance for entrepreneurs and businesses on all monetary, commercial, and strategic issues about investment rounds, corporate structure, scaling, and business exits.

In addition to providing proactive value-adding services related to growing enterprises, like (S)EIS tax reliefs, R&D tax relief, EMI valuations, and outsourced FD services, we also provide vital accounting and tax services that benefit your company.

We’ll make sure that all of your tax preparation is done to create investment strategies that are effective and tax-efficient. Thus, any issues you may have regarding taxes or accounting can be answered by one of our knowledgeable and amiable tax advisors.


Value-Adding, Proactive Tax Support Across a Range of Services for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Capital Gains Tax is a charge on any profit realised from selling any eligible non-inventory asset. Planning your disposal, figuring out your alternatives, and filing your CGT return are all included in our CGT service. In addition, your alternatives will be presented to you by our specialists so that you may choose wisely.

Tax Investigation

In the UK, a tax investigation refers to a formal inquiry that HMRC carries out; the seriousness of an investigation depends entirely on the circumstances of the case. Further, these issues can be time-consuming and stressful, but our tax team can assist you in obtaining the best result.

R&D Tax Relief Claims

Even if you have incurred a loss, we will assist you in recovering a substantial amount of qualifying costs incurred for research and development. We will accomplish this at a fraction of the cost estimated by specialised R&D consultants. As a result, it will allow you to reinvest the credits in the expansion of your company.

Advance Assurance for SEIS and EIS

SIES/EIS programmes help your business raise money by giving individual investors tax advantages. Additionally, it can help you grow your business. Numerous business owners have received financial and legal advice from our specialists, which has helped them grow their companies.

EMI Scheme

We’ll work with you to manage the procedure, valuation, and roll-out of an EMI plan as your firm expands, rewarding important people to fuel growth and provide long-term commercial success. An EMI scheme is the most tax-efficient way to reward staff.

Founders’ Self-Assessment Tax Returns

You can safeguard your money by being aware of and in charge of your finances. This is especially important when it comes to your exposure to present and future taxes, particularly inheritance tax. To ensure that you have accurately filled out and submitted the tax returns to HM Revenue and Customs, we can assist you in developing a cogent management and succession strategy for your privately held wealth.

At ATFTAX, we normally conduct this as our customers engage in activities like investment rounds, corporate restructurings, disposals, and exits.

Seek professional help to learn how to accomplish your financial goals for both your personal and professional life while minimising taxes.


From the begining, Attila was very helpful and explain everything that I have to know about my tax in my case .During the time when I had any question he was always responde to me.I am very satisfied with his service and I highly recomend to anyone who is looking a competitive price with a excellent service.
Robert Czako
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