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Comprehensive Pensions and Auto Enrolment Services From Planning To Implementation

Employers in the United Kingdom should now enlist all of their workers in a workplace pension system, and ATF Accountancy is available to assist. However, Even though the process would seem seamless to your workers, you must make efforts to verify that you are completing your duties as an employer. ATF Accountancy can make the process easier for you.

Understanding Auto Enrolment

Under auto-enrolment, UK businesses are obliged by law to establish a workplace pension, enrol all eligible workers, and deposit their pension funds. In 2012, the government implemented automatic enrolment to encourage more individuals to begin saving for retirement.

All UK firms with at least one employee are required by law to automatically enrol new workers in a workplace pension system. Several organisations struggle with this essential aspect of the onboarding process. So, you may have questions about whether workers are eligible for auto-enrolment, whether they are required to stay in your workplace pension plan, and how to handle the auto-enrolment process. Besides, enrolment procedures might be very time-consuming.

That’s where ATF Accountancy come into play. Our payroll specialists can handle your auto-enrolment system. Hence, we allow you more time to concentrate on business-critical tasks.


To Whom Does Auto-Enrolment Apply To?

All enterprises in the United Kingdom are now mandated to establish pension plans for their workers. As a result, it will fulfil specific requirements involving employer and employee contributions. To be eligible:

  • Be at least 22 years old
  • Be younger than the state pension age
  • Earn over £10,000 annually in 2020/21.
  • Work in the UK

Contributing to workplace pension schemes is not simply your and your workers’ obligation. Moreover, the government offers tax relief.

You must adhere to the Act if you operate a company with one or more employees. Further, you’ll have to:

  • Establish a workplace pension plan that complies with the new regulations
  • Enrol all qualified employees automatically
  • Contribute to the retirement funds (pensions) of qualifying employees.
  • Enrol additional employees who want to join the plan.

If you have begun your pension staging responsibilities, ATF Accountancy can provide you with a comprehensive auto-enrolment solution. Also, we can help you with the effective installation and continuing company compliance, as well as connect you with financial advisor partners that come highly rated.


Contributions To Pension Auto Enrolment

The minimal total contribution is 8% of an employee’s pay. Under existing pension auto-enrolment rules, you are liable for contributing 3 per cent of eligible earnings as an employer. Thus, the remaining 5% comprises employee contributions.


The Benefits Of Pension Auto Enrolment Management

A fully managed automatic enrolment solution enables you to fulfil your automatic enrolment commitments to your workers without the distractions and administrative burdens of managing everything independently. With professional direction and help, you may find an auto-enrolment plan designed to meet your requirements. For instance, the benefits are as follows:

Minimising Risks

Compliance with employment pensions may be challenging, particularly when laws are always evolving. Whenever we handle your scheme, we handle auto-enrolment compliance, including communication with the Pensions Regulator. So that you may do business with confidence, knowing that an expert staff is monitoring your ongoing compliance

Keeping Your Costs Low

It is not always cost-effective to do all tasks on your own. We have designed our systems and procedures to save resources.

Eliminating obstacles

We believe you’d rather perform whatever your company does than deal with auto-enrolment. We handle all your pension auto-enrolment administration requirements, allowing you to concentrate on growing your company, boosting your income, and building your brand.

Establishing a workplace pension plan may be costly and difficult for small organisations. However, the professionals at ATF Accountancy will provide you with a perfect option.


Attila has been a brilliant guide and aid to me and my business, he has been incredibly helpful and patient with me and guides me through the process with ease. His expertise and friendliness has been invaluable. I can highly recommend ATF Accountancy!
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